Above: Jeremiah J. Lowry and Carolyn Kodes in rehearsal for The Birds, 2016. 

Wait a minute. In the cold external expanse of the cosmos, what if we are the only life anywhere in the vastness of time that can actually think, and knows that it exists, and that knows it will die?


Conor McPherson boldly adapts for the stage the Daphne du Maurier short story that inspired Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film—a gripping, unsettling, and moving look at human relationships in the face of societal collapse.

The play takes us to an isolated house, where strangers Nat and Diane take shelter from the relentless masses of attacking birds which are hitting the eastern seacoast in the not-too-distant future. There they find relative sanctuary, but not comfort or peace; there’s no electricity, little food, and a constant sense that someone lurks in the shadows to take what little comforts the couple shares. When the young and alluring Julia seeks refuge with the couple, her presence brings both unsettling news of the outside world and a growing discord in their claustrophobic existence. Survival becomes even more elusive as paranoia takes hold of their makeshift fortress.


Diane: Carolyn Kodes

Nat: Jeremiah J. Lowry

Julia: Krystal Moya

Tierney: Lincoln Machula

production team

Asst. to Director: Kendall Johnson

Stage Managers: Kendall Johnson, Kevin Troy

Board Op: Eric Beckley

Set Design: Niccole Powers

Set Construction: Bradley Ashby, Niccole Powers

Asst. Set Construction: Chase Powers

Lighting Design: Brian Hagy

Costume Design: Thom Schnarre

Props: Tanino Minneci

Poster Design: Kay Bohannon Holley

Sound Design: Mike Prosise

SFX Makeup: Krystal Moya

Run Crew: Alexis Nau, William Penne

Producers: Latrelle Bright, Thom Schnarre