January 16—February 1, 2020

The Moors
Written by Jen Silverman Directed by Mathew Green

The Station Theatre
223 Broadway Ave., Urbana, IL 61801
Saturday, November 16

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*Please arrive to your audition slot 15-20 minutes early to fill in any paperwork you do not print out and bring with you.

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Rehearsals begin December 3 and will be scheduled Tuesday through Friday each week. Actors will not be called every night, and conflicts will be taken into consideration, including holiday break. Mandatory, non-negotiable dates are January 10-15 (including tech on Saturday, January 11) and all performance dates.

Those who wish to audition will read sides with a partner. No preparation is necessary, but let’s be honest: preparation is always preferred.

Find Audition Sides HERE

AGATHA/HULDEY – pages 12/13
MARJORY/EMILIE – pages 16/17 HULDEY/EMILIE – pages 18/19
MOOR-HEN – pages 22/23


“…a feisty ensemble delivers a laugh-out-loud satire of Gothic romance with a feminist twist and a left-arm hug to the Bronte sisters” – Martha Heimberg, theatrejones.com


AGATHA—Elder spinster sister. Spidery. Dangerous. Powerful.
HULDEY—Younger spinster sister. She has a diary. She wants to be famous.
EMILIE—The governess. A romantic with a sweet face.
MARJORY—The scullery maid. Down-trodden. Strategic.
A MOOR-HEN—A small chicken. Practical and very present-tense.

**Please note that the role of THE MASTIFF has already been cast.

**Please PLEASE note that actors auditioning for HULDEY and EMILIE will be asked to sing.

Those auditioning for EMILIE will be asked to sing the first verse and chorus of Billy Joel's "And So It Goes".
Those auditioning for HULDEY will be asked to sing “Alone” by the band Heart.
Backing tracks will be provided for both songs.

Director Mathew Green is casting five female roles. Any ethnicity. 18 and older.